Track Pants With Bardot Off Shoulder Crop Top


How is the New Year treating you guys? For me it has been very fast moving and full of surprises, very pleasant ones actually! May be it is the all the lessons I learned post a hard hitting year, but something inside me has switched on. I have become a lot more enthusiastic about things and as a result every experience I am having is always a better one. I have never been more grateful. Looking forward to everything ahead with so much positivity in my head and heart.

My outfit here is another amazing way to start this year. This is the first shoot I had this year with a new photographer and I am immensely happy. Also this look is so me. This outfit is super comfortable, sexy, happily bright and very edgy. All my key elements of styling weaved into one. I mean who in this age of millennial would say no to strutting their stuff in track pants; cherry on top is that they come with side slits. So I am pretty sure they can be your night out option as well. Let me know how your New Year has been so far and what do you think of this outfit.



2 (2)34567

stylefiesta peekaboo red cat eye sunglasses // accessorize hoop earrings // shein rib knit lettuce edge crop bardot top // h&m slit track pants // nike cortez leather vintage

Photos By Ajay Parmar


One thought on “Track Pants With Bardot Off Shoulder Crop Top

  1. Yay!!! Finally This has to be one of my favourites! The look and the pictures too. Also can you please mail me this picture so we can use on our insta

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