Graphic Tee, Lace Up Skirt And Bracelet Bag


Ever feel like time is slipping out of your hands and you can do absolutely nothing about it. In fact, you might actually love it. That is what I have been doing these past few weeks or may be months. We are already halfway through the year and I haven’t met half of the targets I set out for myself this year. All I know is I am moving fast and moving ahead and I might as well enjoy it.

Philosophies of life aside, I look quiet dead in this blog post. Don’t know if the heat should be blamed or my lack of physical activities. But I must buckle up and get that game face on for the next shoot.

This outfit was being planned since December last year, I just never quite felt right about the result, but thanks to the new influences in my life and the new care less about the world attitude, I just gave it a go. Love the choker though! Graphic tees are quite hot right now and you must get at least one for yourself in any colour you like.

Also, note to self, next time I wear this choker; I must use some skin friendly double sided tape to keep it in place.




h&m women’s metallic choker // h&m top // asos washed lace up pull on pencil skirt // dune round toe court shoes // zara soft tote with metallic handles

Photos by Praful Tyagi


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