Carhartt Short Dungarees And Red Ruffle Neck Top


When you are feeling a little under the weather and life keeps throwing sour lemons at you in all kinds of possible ways, what do you do? You let your anxiety take over you, get into your most red top and shoot for your blog anyway.

I mean if I was going to be miserable, I might as well look my best while being at it. I had a different outfit planned but could not put on a prim and proper look when my insides were screaming, let’s do this another time.

But heck yeah! I did it. I equally breezed through the day like a piece of cake as well. Now, about this outfit, the shortalls or short dungarees are from carhartt and they looked rad with red. Rest of it was my comfort dressing idea for summer.

How are you handling life’s lemons this summer?




h&m long sleeved top // carhartt dungaree playsuit in hickory stripe // zara cat’s eye sunglasses // adidas originals superstar

Photos by Praful Tyagi


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