Dress Over Jeans


I had started off my blog with a dress over pants post, 2 years back. I have no idea how these years flew by. I do not know how much I have grown as a blogger but I sure have come a long way as a person. I know myself better, have gotten stronger.

Blogging has become quite a big part of my daily life in this time span. I hope I have inspired at least some one in some corner of the world when it comes to dressing how they want and paying no heed to societal notions. After all, fashion is all about breaking barriers and making connections.

This dress was gift and I had no clue what to do with it and along came my favourite kind of shoes and tassel jeans and I had my blog post ready. The glasses were a last minute addition, given the onset of summer in Mumbai. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I loved blogging these past 2 years.




zara cat’s eye sunglasses // nor black nor white dress // waven tall extreme frayed hem straight leg jean // asos pointed loafers

Photos by Praful Tyagi


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