Wine, Rust and Mismatched Earrings


One to favour bold and bright colours whenever she can, I was not going shy away from the comeback of colour blocking. Then there were these perfectly in sync tones of burnt orange and wine and I had the right pair of mismatched earrings to top it all off. I had found my outfit. So braving the ‘shag gone bad’ haircut I shot.

The result – an outfit I would want to call my 2017 signature. Edgy on top, experimental in the middle and feminine towards the bottom. My style in short! If you think mismatched earrings aren’t for you, there are always subtler versions of it available out in the market for your taste.




h&m mismatched earrings // h&m body in rib-knit jersey with a polo neck // asos midi skirt with splices // topshop nugget ghillie bronze heel sandals 

Photos by Praful Tyagi


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