School Grunge In Plaid Dress


Confession to be made: I have this thing for colors; I need to own every piece of clothing in all the colors of rainbow out there. You can call it OCD but so is the case with the lady on this side. When I had to buy a purple dress, a color I do not think will suit me, I opted to cheat a little and buy something with bits of the shade. And so came this dress to my color coded rescue. I, like all laid back girls, love plaids in any and all forms. The drop waist of this dress makes it less of a schoolgirl appropriate but more of a street chic piece to own.

Since the dress was heavy on print and color, I stuck to neutral accessories, like my flat oxfords and a studded backpack in black. I loved the result. If you own a similar plaid dress or plan on buying one, you can dress it down with a neutral pair of flats like me or go little more uptown with a strappy block heel sandal. When worn in dress form, unlike classic plaid shirts that we all own, plaid can be very spring summer friendly.

By the way, these shots were taken after a whole lot of location hunting on a blazing sunny day on an empty stomach. We almost gave up and were on enroute home, when we spotted this blue background and we thought of giving it a shot. I and my photographer friend were pretty much knackered to death. We gave it our best shot and in a few minutes we were done. We told each other if the pictures do not come out well, we will reshoot. But surprisingly this outfit had the best shots from all the outfits I wore that day. Lesson learnt when you are about to give up that is when magic happens.

Hope this silly story of mine will make you keep going too. Let me know if you have any similar stories to share in the comments below.








Photos by Tanisha Goveas


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