To New Beginnings…

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It has been exactly 4 months today since I last published a blog post. I had quite a ride of life with all kinds of ups and downs and back and forth. Everything starting from my daily life to my far away dreams kind of got a shake; and a pretty unexpected one for that matter. I was stressed, then depressed and then I had a major breakdown.

But all these years of being self-dependent and strong headed had to catch up and help me dust off all of the unnecessary baggage I kept dragging around with me.

5 days back I turned a year older and also very much wiser and stronger. Things changed and took a turn for better, I could not be more thankful to everyone who helped me get here and connect all my scattered dots.

Finally, I know nothing can replace your “4 am call” people, a job that does not feel like one and a life of being “unapologetically authentically yourself”.

Still, being a fashion maniac at heart, somewhere I do believe; Coco Chanel said it right “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. Hence, the fringe guys! It took me some getting used to but I love it.

If you know me well, you will know my love for all things French and this fringe was totally inspired by the French Girl style that the likes of Alexa Chung, Jeanne Damas keep sporting. Also, I have wanted one since ages, but somehow all my hairstylists kept saying it will not look good on me. But when everything falls apart, there is nothing worse a bad hairstyle can do.

And guess what, getting a Fringe has been the best hair decision of my life so far. I happily ticked it off my bucket list and I am totally in awe of it 🙂

So, here is to a year full of adventures that makes your bucket list shorter, an attitude that makes you rock your world like never before and to new beginnings of all sorts!



Location – Mumbai

Photo & Graphics by Saanchi Jaiin



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