Yellow For Spring

_MG_7670 copy

A year back when I was in London for my higher studies, more than anything I was mostly excited for a wardrobe makeover. So I had only packed like 10 pieces of clothing items and soon I was running out of things to wear. I decided to go shopping after I was done settling down, the closest shop to my place was Primark and I went crazy looking at the variety of clothes and the low prices. And, guess what I picked for a first buy of clothing in London – a pair of yellow shorts. I was impulsive and yellow always made me happy. I got back home and realized I had nothing to pair it with and it’s too loud to wear to uni. Result: it was pushed back into some corner of my cupboard.

Today, almost two years later and a much braver styling sense after, I was only waiting for spring/summer to begin and take my shorts out. No matter what anyone says now I love these shorts. They sort of became perfect to wear for a road bike trip with my friends and I paired it with my staple striped tee and flat sandals. The backpack sort of is mandatory for such road-trips, no?

By the way yellow is trending this spring and there is a shade of yellow for every skin tone. So go get your happy on with this happy shade this spring/summer.



_MG_7605 copy

_MG_7585 copy004

_MG_7607 copy_MG_7626 copy

_MG_7643 copy

_MG_7689 copy

Location – Bandra


TOP – H & M



Photos by Dipankar Medhi


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