Dress Over Pants

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I do not follow trends blindly but I love trying styles that seem a little bit dicey in real life. When the dress over pants trend started doing the rounds, I could not help but keep staring at fashion week (both runway and street style) pictures of the ladies braving the trend. It did take me a while to actually try it on. So I thought why not make a blog post out of it and here I am! It did seem a tad bit difficult but so wearable.

I chose a plain white dress and simple pair of denims, letting the pairing do the talking. I opted to keep the rest of my look minimal (so much for my french style fixation) with a low bun, leopard heels and my favorite red lips. And, there I achieved my spring ready romantic look.

So yes this is doable ! Just make sure not to incorporate any prints as that might seem too overwhelming. You can also try and come up with a power dressing or statement making combination by using structured dresses and trousers in stronger shades. Happy dressing up 🙂



IMG_6440 copy new IMG_6617 copy new IMG_6475 copy new IMG_6589 copy new IMG_6568 copy new IMG_6442-01 copy new IMG_6463 copy new IMG_6509 copy (1)IMG_6532 copy new

Location – Birdsong Organic Cafe, Mumbai




Photos by Dipankar Medhi


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