Hello From The Heart !

After months and months of mental speculations and days of going back and forth, here I am with my first blog post ever. I have never been good with hellos and social introductions, so let me just keep it short and simple and tell you what this will all be about.

I have chosen a name with some French fragments in it because I am an avid Francophile, even though I am still trying to crack the French codes of conduct and language, French styling is something I admire and try to follow in my daily life. You will know all about it with the posts that will follow. For those of you trying to understand why De Petite Dandelion and what it means, here is a break down – De stands for from in French, Petite is me describing myself and Dandelion because I love this wild flower.

The content of this blog will be all things I like and enjoy, things that add to me and inspire me every day. Be it music, ​reading, Caffeine; and my incorporation of fashion and style in all of the above and much more.

DSC_0724 copy

_MG_7849 copy002

IMG-20150426-WA0004 copy001

I hope and think you will enjoy this journey with me and get involved in the fun 🙂 .




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